It started with a loft bed

I’ve now owned this home for 3 years and started out with lots of gusto in home cleaning and improvement.  It wasn’t all shiny and move in ready when i bought it so a lot of initial work went into it… and then I guess I just got tired… stayed tired.  Got distracted and fizzled out.

For some reason this spring has caused me to want to clean things out, make things nice, get rid of things we don’t need and just live in a more organized and simpler and prettier space.

It didn’t REALLY start with the loft bed.  It started with a trip to Ikea to get a Kallax Shelving Unit to turn into a “bar” for the dining room (the never ever used dining room).  But during this trip we happened upon the kids loft beds.  I’ve been wanting a loft bed for the girls since their bedrooms are so small and their toys and games were spilling into the rest of the house.  The Ikea metal ones were previously way too high and I don’t have the funds to splurge on anything (especially since things have to be bought in twos around here).

1505577_10152405677768930_1333216023653991141_n tumblr_n6u49dn1fk1qzndylo7_1280

Over an Ikea dinner I told the girls that if they could keep their rooms clean I would get them the loft beds.  This was a Thursday.  We took the Kallax shelf home and I assembled it that night.  Ayana helped me find things around the house and we shifted them into different places.  The kid has a good eye.

Come Saturday morning I get a call from my mom “what time do you want to leave to pick up the beds?, I have the truck”.  Apparently they’d discussed the loft beds with Lola and we were getting them.  Today.  Ok.  Saturday early morning we’re in Ikea picking up loft beds which ended up with me assembling two loft beds into the early evening.  Wasn’t really difficult just, “awkward”.  Especially when both of my helpers were small and weak tiny people.

tumblr_n6u49dn1fk1qzndylo5_1280 tumblr_n6u49dn1fk1qzndylo6_1280


And then I realized Ayana’s mattress was too thick for the bed.  The following afternoon we headed back to Ikea (this is Sunday now and let me tell you Ikea busy craze was in full effect) to pick her up a thinner mattress.

Does this sound exhausting?  It was.  But also motivating.  It’s nice to see your kids gleam with pride.  Our home isn’t shabby but it’s not always the cleanest place.  We live here and we LIVE here.  And i work full time and parent the rest of the time and camp and explore when we can and sit on my butt and watch TV way too often.  and… enough with all that, you get it.


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