the garage

Oh the garage.  Let me tell you about the garage.  It was a hot mess.  I don’t think anyone that has been to my house has actually seen it.  It was really just that bad.Amongst the various things in there was a box from the TV I bought 3 years ago, a twin mattress, a twin box spring, a metal day bed and trundle, a full size bottom bunk bed and ladder, a bookshelf with no shelves and other random random things.  a bulk garbage pick up and 2 truckloads of donations worth of stuff.  Not to mention all the camping stuff just strewn about the garage that never gets put away properly.

Another thing that sparked all this home improvement was these Costco Shelves i bought for the garage.  I really wanted the heavier duty taller shelving but had to make due with these smaller metal ones.  They were easy to  assemble and really reasonably priced.  But the garage cleaning, a major reason that had to happen was Ricky brought in a giant Kayak.  It’s hard to even call it a Kayak at 12 feet long and over 3 feet wide and 120 pounds.  On a good day one car can get into this two car garage but I wanted to be able to get at least the kayak and my car in regularly.  Not many pictures of the during in the garage and it’s very very much a work in progress (that and frankly it’s shameful).

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So there’s a peek of the mess and the pile on top unused wasted space of a work table.  I wanted to give Ricky a place to store all his fishing gear that was not boxes all over the master bedroom and also be able to find things without wasting time looking or hurting ourselves in the process.  So i started with the big purge and still have boxes on one side to be sorted and organized into the good plastic boxes but I have definitely made lots of progress.  The unused work bench has become a mini bait shop and tool storage aka my peg board obsession.  I bought a few boxes of peg board pins from Harbor Freight Tools and there’s a hook or attachment for everything.  I also cut and hung a few shelves using 1×4’s and long peg board hooks (using these directions) to store the bobble heads and other display items up high and a few non hangable items down low (the plan was for the high shelves but since the wood was 8 foot long i figured i might as well use the other 2 feet for something).

After deciding to move the Ikea Trofast storage into the garage I had to shift everything down a bit.  So i cleared the shelves, swept, moved and restocked everything.  The shelve organization isn’t quite exactly what I want but eventually I’ll get there.  Adding the trofast to the garage added lots of easy access drawers for things like rags, plastic grocery bags, and dog supplies.  It also frees up some shelve bins for things we access less often but still want to be able to get to easily.  I can’t forget my label maker in all of this.  I love that little thing.  When i told someone I was considering getting one the response was “i’m shocked you don’t already have one”.

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Amidst all this my friend Mike happened to have a desk he had refinished but didn’t fit into the space as he had planned.  He offered it up to us and Camille wanted it for her room.  The photo not he left is her happily using it, replacing a Target particle board desk, really functional and good but wasn’t a long term desk.  Behind her you see the old Ikea Trofast bins that we’ve had for at least 8 years from Ikea.  We had 2 at one point living in Sacramento.  I gave one away when we separated the girls bedrooms and this one we kept for Camille’s room.  Let me just tell you a little story about this kid and then maybe you can begin to understand why bins are NOT a good storage solution.  Her room is always a mess.  Somehow cleaning it makes things messier.  It just like, unearths a bunch a crap from who knows where.  One day while helping her clean and get rid of things I found one of those plastic eggs from the quarter machines in the market full of… pencil shavings.  My kid was saving pencil shavings.  It’s a running joke now for us but the kid is a collector from erasers to pencils to dry erase markers and EOS lip glosses to rocks… and pencil shavings.  (in case you were wondering we threw them away).

So, all that said the Trofast just wasn’t a good storage option for her.  She just loads it down with stuff, unorganized stuff, sometimes trash until it’s spilling out and looking a hot mess where she can’t even find what she wants.  After pulling it out of her room and moving it into the garage I assembled the little black book shelf that’s been in the garage in it’s original box for a while (ok, 3 years).  Luckily the wood didn’t warp or do weird things from sitting upright for so long.  I’m hoping this will be a good solution for her to keep her items on display rather than a crammed away mess.  It doesn’t match perfectly but maybe eventually I can build her a better shelf but for now it will do.  Without spending any money I was able to increase storage in my garage and hopefully better organize the little one.

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