While i wait for the polyurethane to dry.

Yeah, i have nothing better to do than take photos and make a post. Not paint the fence or vacuum or much less shower before I have to head off on a long haul to pick up the kids.

Whatever, here it goes. I figured I should maybe break out one of the fancy cameras that has gone neglected since the fishing took over Ricky’s life and the home improvement mine and take some decent photos of some of the works in progress. After all I’m a photographer and those iPhone snapshots were just not doing things justice.

First off my peg board.  I mean, Ricky’s fishing world.  Could you imagine if that mess was just all piled up in boxes in the master bedroom or dining room table.  I’m so happy I decided to take on shaping up this area.  Ricky bought the rod holder on the left and with wall space at a premium I figured the side of his work station would make a perfect place for me to mount it.  (Too bad he’s now added a few more poles that I’ll need to find homes for).  I turned a mess pile into something useable, spending only $10 on peg hook kits and a few dollars on a 1×4.  All the money spent on the fishing gear and bait and boxes, i can’t speak on that.



I’m in love with these simple shelves.  They even tilt back to keep things from sliding off (Ayana was kind enough to point out the tilt which I told her was intentional, and i’m sticking to that).



I also found those $10 stools at the thrift store.  I really don’t care for that finish on anything (in the bottom right corner of the first photo you can see a little box of drawers I got in the same finish that I really want to do something about).  I wanted to sand them and paint them or do something but Ricky went ahead and stuck his Kayaking decals on them so I just have to let them be.



Before you go applauding my organization skills I’m going to share with you the OTHER corner of the garage.  It’s scary, so maybe scroll fast and don’t look too hard.


Yes, boxes on boxes of things i haven’t seen since I moved back to town nearly years ago.  The wood table there I fold out to be my little cutting and work table, another thrift store find.  Ok, enough of that mess.

I’ll leave you with this.  My little $5.00 metal table that I really love.  It’s missing an arm and has a bit of rust but who am I to judge.  I’ve seen some tutorials on painting metal chairs online and at first thought I might try it with this piece.  Decided instead I’m pretty fond of the gray and since it will serve as my garage assistant and will be living out there there really is no need.  I figure one day it will be full of all kinds of paint splatter and remnants of my projects.  I did give it a decent scrub with dish soap, a rag and wire brush.  (Not that you can really tell I did in the 3rd photo).  I saw a magnetic bowl tool/screw holder at Harbor Freight Tools that I think would work well for wheeling this cart around for projects.  (Because my going there every single day but one since Wednesday this week isn’t enough).