and then the gate fell down.

Down went the gate.  The gate that had been a wobbly rotting out mess for at least the 3 years we’ve been here.  The gate that was the only thing keeping Hassy the crazy dog away from the rest of the free world of squirrels and cats and dogs and passerbys and the street.  The following weekend gate building became the priority.  With the old downed gate as the model and some advice my tiny assistants and I were off to home depot for some pressure treated 2×4’s and hinges and latch.


The next morning I took to the old gate.  I thought I could unscrew and reuse the old wood parallel pieces but learned that most of the screw heads were rotted off or just impossible to remove.  Back to home depot for some furring strips and of course paint.  I got to work that day successfully building the frame out but when it came time to cut the pieces at an angle my circular saw went to sh*t.  I went ahead and tested the frame and attached the hinges and latch to be sure it all fit and then I texted Ricky all kinds of blame for buying me a cheap crappy saw for Christmas and got really frustrated.  Dwayne to the rescue came over and told me my blade was loose and tightened it for me (oops).  I went on to cut the support cross 2x4s and most of the furring.. until I ran out of course.  Oh yes, back to Home Depot for more wood and some screws.


I started out trying to just attached the up and down slats while the gate was hanging but I couldn’t get enough force to push the screws through the furring and then the pressure treated 2×4’s.  So i had to take down the gate… alone.  I decided to use some of the unused wood and stack it under the gate to hold it up and managed to unscrew it from the hinges and get it back into the garage.


and there she hangs.  Pre paint.  Ok, basically what it still looks like a week later.  I’m going to say that I’m allowing the pressure treated wood to dry out before I take on painting it.  That’s my story, i’m sticking to it.  That and painting it means locking Hassy away in the house so he won’t jump or rub up against the wet paint.  I have a cut slat in the garage that I just could not get through the old wood, and then, gave up.  The right slats are intentionally shorter to clear the gutter drain pipe (I wasn’t just being economical).