martha washington sewing cabinet

Painting might not be my thing

I just don’t think I have the patience for this.  6 times with drying in between.  Meant sanding and vacuuming and coating it with 2 layers of primer, 2 layers of paint and 2 layers of poly.  And for what will probably be just decent results.  I can see brush strokes… maybe they will settle, maybe i’m just too used to laminate furniture.  Maybe I should never ever paint another piece of furniture ever again.  The pictures below are right before the last 2 coats of Poly.  Aka.  Paintint.. wait more painting.  I went with a clear satin finish and water based Minwax Polycrylic (water based because that’s what the guy told me to get and I had left my phone in the car and couldn’t google).

I was surprised when I opened the can to find the milky stuff.  I folded it and mixed it for a while like I was instructed and it went on surprisingly easy, I think i was expecting something more like molasses when I opened the can.  Despite my dusting and vacuuming I did manage to get a few stray bits that I had to brush and brush to get out.




Now to let this guy dry overnight.  Photos to come of it in it’s new home in Camille’s room.  (hopefully she loves the piece as much as I do when she sees it).

How a 6 dollar mirror turned into an all day painting experience

Trying to keep with the momentum of this craze of cleaning and organizing.  I’m really enjoying it.  What does the commercial say, “a body in motion stays in motion”, true or not my body could use much more motion.

Today’s project is Maricel​​ ‘s fault because she asked me to dinner Friday.  We decided to walk around Benicia after dinner to kill some time and check out some shops.  Most of them close at 5:30 but one happened to be open a bit later.  After nearly missing out on a back room of furniture we turned the corner and I found this.  It was $6.00.  I kind of have a weakness for wood and for $6. i needed it.  I’ve set in my mind that I can only buy things when I have a plan for them.  (see previous post on the state of my garage). So i decided that I’d turn this into a vanity/dressing table for Camille.  She’s been wanting a mirror in her room (not that it will keep her from using my full length closet mirror every morning) and this seemed like a good solution.


That night I looked up some plans for building a desk and really fell for some stuff over at the Ana White Blog.  (by the way, I want to be like her when I grow up.)  I was fairly set on building the child vanity she has plans for but I wanted something no more than 25 inches wide.  I craigslisted a bit and then decided I would get up the following day and visit a few thrift shops and try my luck.  If it came down to it I would go buy lumber to build a small table.  After i visited my usual thrift shops (and resisted looking at anything besides a small table).  I was coming up empty (Ok, in the search for a small table I did find a small gray metal typewriter desk for $5.00 that makes a perfect garage roll around with me with tools or paint or whatever table).

I decided to take a different way and happened to see a street side sale.  I stopped and then noticed across the street a small antique shop.  And then i found a little 26 inch wide “Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet”.  It has just been brought it and hadn’t even been priced yet.  For $20.  I bought it knowing the $6.00 mirror wasn’t going to work.  The mirror was just too bulky for such a delicate piece.  I tried it on for size in the garage anyways only to quickly confirm my thoughts.  Even if i mounted it to the wall above the table it just wouldn’t look right.

tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo6_1280 tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo5_1280

I brought it in the room and tried it in the spot I want.  Her closet is just to the right.  She has a small leather chair that would work well with the tiny table that she can stack all her lip glosses and other girly-ness.  I googled and searched pinterest on how to paint furniture and went back to Home Depot to pick up some primer.  I have a few gallons of paint from when the house was painted so I figured i’d use some of that. After feeling bad for a while about the idea of painting wood and consulting a few people via text I went ahead and sanded that sucker. Primed.  And painted.  Then I started apologizing to the table because I realized.  I’m not very good at painting furniture.

tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo4_1280 tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo3_1280 tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo2_1280 tumblr_n6u3lblV4g1qzndylo1_1280

After 2 coats of primer.  2 coats of light gray “Portland whitbed” paint from the family room (that basically looks white in my garage light and was super thick for the first coat (3 years in the garage) before I figured I should water it down). Lots of drying time it’s now waiting to be sanded of the (many) imperfections and coated with some poly tomorrow morning.