Painting might not be my thing

I just don’t think I have the patience for this.  6 times with drying in between.  Meant sanding and vacuuming and coating it with 2 layers of primer, 2 layers of paint and 2 layers of poly.  And for what will probably be just decent results.  I can see brush strokes… maybe they will settle, maybe i’m just too used to laminate furniture.  Maybe I should never ever paint another piece of furniture ever again.  The pictures below are right before the last 2 coats of Poly.  Aka.  Paintint.. wait more painting.  I went with a clear satin finish and water based Minwax Polycrylic (water based because that’s what the guy told me to get and I had left my phone in the car and couldn’t google).

I was surprised when I opened the can to find the milky stuff.  I folded it and mixed it for a while like I was instructed and it went on surprisingly easy, I think i was expecting something more like molasses when I opened the can.  Despite my dusting and vacuuming I did manage to get a few stray bits that I had to brush and brush to get out.




Now to let this guy dry overnight.  Photos to come of it in it’s new home in Camille’s room.  (hopefully she loves the piece as much as I do when she sees it).